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A total Telecommunications Consulting Company, providing the following services to our clients to be successful providers of voice, data and video services: network Studies and Deign, Cost Studies, Staking, Construction Coordination, CPRs, Microwave Path Studies and Design, Central Office and Carrier Plans and Specifications, Fiber Optics Designs and Plans and Specifications, Mapping, Computer Consulting and System Studies, LAN/WAN Design, CATV Systems Design and Upgrade, Cellular System Switching/Network Design, PCS Feasibility Studies and System Design as well as Fiber-To-The-Home Designs. Additionally, our Wireless Division provides a full range of analysis, design, management and documentation services in areas such as PCS, cellular, two-way radio and LMDA. Field service activities include fixed network design, analysis and implementation services, tower aping and site audits, switch location and analysis, site acquisition, inventory management and testing.