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Channell is celebrating 100 years of family owned, American made quality Outside Plant products for the Telecom, Utility and CATV markets. We specialize in the manufacturing of OSP products for the FTTH market, as well as Long Haul, Cell Tower, SCADA and other fiber project builds. Our product offerings include Fiber Pedestals, FDH Splitter cabinets, Underground Vaults and Fiber Closures for both sealed and breathable applications. We support all fiber architectures (Centralized Split, Distributed Split and Engineered Tap) designs that maximize fiber usage and deployment , while supporting the geographic landscape of each customer, allowing them to build their network at the lowest cost per home passed and giving them spare fibers for future growth. With millions of homes passed worldwide, One size and design does NOT fit all.

Key Contacts

Philip Goebel

Southeast District Manager, Utilities Division


Aaron Woody

Mid-Atlantic District Manager