Welcome, Faith Livingston

Posted: February 3, 2023

Strong marketing presence key for TEC as it enters 100th year

As she takes on a new role as marketing supervisor for TEC, there’s no shortage of opportunities for Faith Livingston in 2023. Among the most exciting upcoming events: TEC will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Initially founded as the Bay Springs Telephone Company in 1923, TEC grew and in 1972 united six rural phone companies from Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. The company now employs more than 200 people across those three states, and it’s expanded to include additional operations in Louisiana. In the Volunteer State, it serves the Bradford, Erin and Friendship communities.

“We’re working to refine our brand, expand our business services and celebrate our 100-year anniversary,” Livingston says. “This will be a really exciting year.”

Livingston joined TEC in 2019 as the marketing creative strategist. She’s since worked in the role of marketing communications coordinator, and now marketing supervisor.

“It’s really important to have marketing to protect the brand and get our name out there,” she says. “We’re smaller than the national providers. We’re focused on rural areas and bridging the digital divide.”

In addition to the momentous 100-year milestone, in 2023 TEC will look to expand its service areas through grants, continue residential efforts and increase its fiber efforts. TEC currently maintains approximately 1,700 miles of fiber.

“We rely a lot on customer feedback, often through social media,” Livingston says. “We’re here to meet people where they are and provide them with the services they need.”