Government Affairs Spotlight: Preparations for the 113th General Assembly

Posted: January 3, 2023
Levoy Knowles

The 113th Tennessee General Assembly kicks off on January 10.

While it’s too early to tell if upcoming bills will impact broadband, the Tennessee Broadband Association (TNBA) is well-poised to advocate for its members and Tennesseans. This year, in addition to TNBA Government Affairs Director Levoy Knowles and the Capitol Strategy Group, Trevor Bonnstetter joins the TNBA government affairs team.

“Trevor and I have worked together in various capacities for more than 25 years, and I’m excited to continue our partnership in the state Capitol,” Knowles says.

What’s expected

State leaders typically hold a last rush of fundraising events the morning of Jan. 6 because they’re unable to raise money during the legislative session. As the session starts, lawmakers are sworn in, and various parties will complete mandatory trainings.

Legislators have until February 6 to file any bills for the session. Gov. Bill Lee will also make the State of the State address that same day. The busy week continues as the TNBA will hold its annual Day on the Hill on February 7.

The privacy bill, which seeks to determine how a business can use the personal information of customers, will carry over to this year’s session.

“We continue to work on this bill,” says Knowles. “We’ll continue to watch it carefully. At the moment, it looks like it may be more palatable to the needs of our members. We also know other issues will come up, as they do every legislative session, but we’re ready for the challenge as we continue to support our members.”