Loretto Looks to Enhance Its Customer Experience in 2023

Posted: November 23, 2022

As organizations outline goals and priorities for 2023, one focus for Loretto Telecom is the new customer experience supervisor position to oversee sales, customer service, marketing and public relations.

“This role isn’t necessarily creating the content, but it will facilitate the experience of what the customer sees,” says Jason Shelton, Loretto Telecom general manager and TNBA president. “I want the experience for our customers to be unmatched.”

To fill the new role, Loretto hired Kristin Burdette in June 2022. Burdette has prior experience in leadership studies, ministry and county government.

Loretto also created a new mission statement to help focus team members on operational goals: “Loretto Telecom operates in a culture of excellence to deliver the most innovative, dependable and affordable communications for residential and business customers.”

Burdette says, “We want to create a culture of excellence and bring the best service we can to our customers and community because broadband is the way of the future.”

In 2023, Burdette and her team plan to focus on ways to create excitement for broadband, help customers understand that fiber networks can’t be built overnight and continue Loretto’s work as a vital community partner.

“People understand the importance of broadband,” Burdette says. “We get calls every day with people asking when fiber will be available in their area. We have to create excitement and let people know it’s coming, but also manage expectations for the timing and continue to serve current and future customers.”

Loretto also looks to maintain its position as technology experts through exceptional customer service with community members.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to understand customer needs and be seen as the experts,” Shelton says. “We can improve the overall experience and impression of Loretto. They might not be our customer today, but they’re still our neighbors and people in our community who have a need. We’re doing all we can to build our brand and build our legacy as the best technology partner in our area.”