Fiber Homes Helps Ensure Broadband Availability for Potential Homebuyers

Posted: August 25, 2022

As new residents flock to the Volunteer State, access to high-speed broadband tops their list of priorities. The website Fiber Homes works to ensure everyone has access to the data needed to make wise choices.

“Fiber is an economic driver that breaks down barriers,” says Robert Gilbert, principal of DxTel, which runs the Fiber Homes website. “As long as people know they can get fiber from a local provider, 9 times out of 10, they’ll choose the local service. We want to make sure everyone knows what service is available before they buy.”

Fiber Homes provides national coverage to help real estate agents and prospective homebuyers.

“We provide critical information that homebuyers need,” Gilbert says. “Especially if they’re moving to a brand-new area.”

Tennessee is a popular destination, regularly listed as one of the best states to spend your retirement days. With its natural beauty, a mild climate and low taxes, Tennessee attracts thousands of new residents annually.

A recent article from Nashville news station WKRN used U.S. Census Bureau in-migration figures to determine that the Nashville region gained about 36 new residents daily from 2020 to 2021.

The Upper Cumberland Association of Realtors is working with Fiber Homes and TNBA members WK&T, Twin Lakes and DTC Communications to integrate directly into the MLS tools for realtors so they have the best information available.

“When new residents come in, they’re looking for fiber at their home,” says TNBA Executive Director Carrie Huckeby. “We’ll often get calls asking if fiber is available in a certain area, usually after the purchase of a new home. I’ll hear desperation in the caller’s voice because their children need broadband, and they need it to work from home. The Fiber Homes tool helps to solve this issue for Realtors and homebuyers.”