The Male Room Brotique

Posted: July 13, 2022

A Brotastic place to browse

Photography courtesy of The Male Room Brotique

Front of The Male Room Brotique storeIf you haven’t stepped into The Male Room Brotique in downtown Smithville, you may have at least seen the store’s TikTok videos. One video of the store’s guitar door chime garnered almost 14,000 views in less than a month.

“I can’t believe that many people have seen my video about my little store in little old Smithville, Tennessee,” says co-owner Sommer Luna.

Sommer and Tony Luna opened The Male Room Brotique on May 1, 2021. The idea for the store emerged after Tony, a real estate broker, noticed men standing on the sidewalk while their wives and girlfriends shopped.

He told her, “Women have boutiques, so I think us guys need a brotique.”

Sommer, who worked at a staffing agency, latched on to the idea of creating a unique space with quality products geared toward men. Three months before the store was set to open, Sommer’s employer of 15 years eliminated her department. “I called Tony, and I told him, ‘You know, it’s meant to be. I’m meant to run our store.’”

And the twist of fate did seem to bring her to the right place. Now, she says, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Local Support

Sommer strives to stock products made locally or in the U.S. One popular item is local jerky from Barron’s Creek Jerky.

“One of my favorite products we have is a bar soap,” she says. “It’s called Men Don’t Stink. It is a huge, 8-ounce bar of soap, and the smell is divine.”

The hats and shirts are also popular with men and women.

The Male Room Brotique’s online store offers the shop’s signature male-inspired products for pickup or shipping.

“Tony and I got really sick 2 months after the store opened,” says Sommer.

“We had shut down for almost 7 weeks, and the online site saved us.” DTC Communications serves The Male Room Brotique with fiber internet. “The internet is a local business owner’s friend,” she says.

Customers who walk into The Male Room Brotique can expect to be treated like they matter.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have a business,” says Sommer.

The shop intentionally appeals to “a broad range where anyone of any income level or any stature in the community could come in and find something,” she says.

Community is important to Sommer, who is a lifelong Smithville resident. “We take pride in the community and really try to give back in as many ways as we can,” she says.

Whether that’s through donations or organizing free car shows or family-friendly events for the area, both Sommer and Tony love to see Smithville’s downtown brimming with residents and visitors.

“I feel very blessed,” says Sommer. “Every person who has been in my store has made an impact on me in a positive way.”

Content provided with permission from DTC Communications.