Lightning fast and future ready Twin Lakes rolls out 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps fiber speeds

Posted: April 21, 2022

Through the benefit of synchronous download and upload speeds, and the capacity to increase performance far beyond existing levels, telecommunications experts often describe fiber as a future-proof technology.

With future-proof in mind, Twin Lakes is taking fiber to a whole new level for its members. While many providers max out at 1 Gbps speeds, Twin Lakes increased available fiber speeds and began to offer 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps recently.

Fiber optics image

“As some internet providers took advantage of the technological hardships induced by the pandemic and raised prices, Twin Lakes did quite the opposite,” says Twin Lakes CEO Jonathan West. “We wanted every Twin Lakes member to have access to the bandwidth capacity to support the streaming of their favorite shows, online learning, videoconferencing, telehealth and top-level gaming, all at once.”

Additionally, Twin Lakes provided complimentary symmetrical broadband upgrades to approximately 22,000 members, doubled the upload speed on the residential 1 Gbps package and reduced the 1 Gbps standalone service price by $15.

The changes have paid off, with more than 50 members now using speeds of 2 Gbps or 10 Gbps and more than 12,000 members currently using 1 Gbps services.

“We recognize some of our members don’t need multigigabit services yet, but one day they will, and we want to be ready to fully support them,” West says. “Rolling a product out before it’s requested gives our employees an opportunity to learn about the product offering before the demand is extremely strong.”

According to, 94% of Tennessee residents have access to broadband of 100 Mbps or faster, and Twin Lakes is leading the pack for the Upper Cumberland region.

“Our 100% fiber network will be a catalyst for rural prosperity for years to come,” West says. “We want members to know they have a world-class network enabling this transformation and no limitations on access to technology that would hold the region back.”

As the availability of high-speed broadband increases, Twin Lakes, along with other Tennessee Broadband Association members, are ensuring there’s a future-proof #ConnectedTN across the Volunteer State.

“As data-consuming technology becomes more readily available, fiber networks have become a critical investment,” West says. “We’re changing the way our communities connect to the world, and while it is impossible to know what the future holds, we know it involves broadband. There’s no better way than delivering the fastest internet speeds in the world to some of the most rural portions of Tennessee.”