Loretto Telecom Partners with Schools to Increase Technology Interest Through Robotic Programs

Posted: January 12, 2022

Loretto Telecom not only celebrated its 125th anniversary throughout 2021, but it also invested in the future of the Lawrence County community.

Partnering with schools across its service area, Loretto continued its yearlong celebration by sponsoring and judging a robotics program for elementary and middle school students.

“The robotics program is an activity that helps us train our future employees,” says Bridget Holden, Loretto Telecom customer experience supervisor. “Being able to interact with the kids and putting our name out there for them to recognize is priceless. They know Loretto might be a place they could go work one day.”

Students in grades four through eight partnered in teams of eight for the Stillhouse Hollow Robotics Program in fall 2021 and prepared for the December competition. Each team designed and built a Lego robot made to lift an object and move it across a flat surface.

“We saw students communicate with each other and work together as a team,” Holden says. “It couldn’t be one person who took the lead.”

Knowing the sponsorship helped children’s faces light up with enthusiasm, Loretto will likely continue sponsoring the program this fall.

“Technology in so important today, and we’re doing what we can to get children excited about technology and technical jobs,” Holden says.

To learn more about Loretto Telecom, a SkyBest Company and TNBA tier-one member, visit the Loretto Telecom website or call (931) 853-4351.