A Warm Welcome for Carrie Huckeby, New TNBA Executive Director

Posted: December 10, 2021

As we recently announced, with more than three decades of telecommunications experience, Carrie Huckeby took over as the Tennesse Broadband Association (TNBA) executive director on November 30.

I’m confident Carrie will do great work, and I’m excited to take on a new role as TNBA government affairs director, which focuses on ensuring successful broadband deployment across Tennessee.

During my nine years as executive director, it’s incredibly humbling to think about the accomplishments of our association and members. I’m continually reminded of the resiliency our members show to continually provide high-speed, affordable broadband across Tennessee.

Looking back, with help from members, partners, and elected officials, I’m thankful for all we’ve done, including:

  • Securing an all-time high of TNBA associate and platinum associate members.
  • Being a part of successfully negotiating and passing the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act.
  • Helping to create ad valorem tax parity.
  • Finding solutions for sales tax issues.
  • Rebranding our organization from the Tennessee Telecommunications Association to Tennessee Broadband Association.

Most recently, attending the National Council of State Telecom Association Executives Annual Meeting, organized by our Kentucky Telecom Association partners, sessions included information on successful training programs, as well as what’s happening with national and state-level legislation. The meeting again reminded me how TNBA will continue to be resilient against any upcoming challenges and we are stronger because we are part of a larger group, which includes our national trade associations and other state associations.

It’s been my privilege to lead this organization, and I look forward to continuing to serve TNBA members in a new capacity. I’m thankful for your partnership, and though she doesn’t need it, I wish Carrie the best of luck.

I want to close by letting all the TNBA members affected by the Dec. 10 tornado know that they are in our hearts and prayers. We are here to help them recover stronger than ever.