Loretto Begins Phase of Fiber Build in Lawrenceburg

Posted: November 18, 2021

Network to provide the fastest, most reliable fiber internet service

Loretto telecom employees working on fiber expansionLoretto Telecom customers in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, have reason to celebrate.

SkyBest Communications, Loretto Telecom’s parent company, recently began the next phase of its fiber build throughout Lawrence County, Tennessee, to connect Lawrenceburg residents to gigabit internet service.

“We’re excited to break ground to include Lawrenceburg in our service area,” says Jason Shelton, Loretto Telecom general manager. “This is the culmination of extensive planning and engineering, with the goal of providing Lawrence County’s most extensive, fastest, and most reliable true fiber network.”

The network will provide future-proof technology to better attract and retain new businesses, as well as improve the quality of life for local residents.

“Having a fiber network throughout Lawrence County this fast and this dependable gives our county a true economic asset that none of our neighboring counties throughout middle Tennessee and north Alabama can offer,” says T.R. Williams, Lawrence County executive.

The project is expected to last through 2022. The current Loretto fiber network throughout Lawrence County includes several hundred miles of fiber. When complete, the Lawrenceburg phase will add an additional 300 miles, for a total network of more than 1,000 miles.

To learn more about Loretto Telecom, a SkyBest Company and TNBA tier-one member, visit the Loretto Telecom website, or call (931) 853-4351.