KTA/TNBA Fall Conference a reminder of the importance of our work

Posted: October 15, 2021
Levoy Knowles headshot
Levoy Knowles

As hundreds of members attended the Kentucky Telecom Association/Tennessee Broadband Association Fall Conference earlier this month, I was reminded of how important our work is to help improve the quality of life for rural residents through broadband.

From telco members, to suppliers, to top-notch speakers, to sponsors, to our friends over at the KTA, the conference is a testament to the impact broadband can have as an equalizer to level the playing field between rural and urban areas.

When you pause to think about it, so much of what we deal with on the technical side of broadband is intangible.

We can’t see the billions of bytes of data transmitted through fiber. Nor can we see the voice or television signals moving at the speed of light, but there are plenty of ways we can see the effects of our work.

We can see the impact broadband has on our communities. The jobs it creates. The connections it provides to keep families in touch, despite the physical distance between them. The education it delivers virtually and so much more.

No other place reminded me of this impact more than the KTA/TNBA Fall Conference and Supplier Showcase.

As keynote speaker Mike Romano, NTCA senior vice president industry affairs and business development, gave updates on the latest federal impacts for broadband, as Tasos Tsolakis, JSI CEO, highlighted Network 2030, and as so many other presentations underscored the vital role broadband plays for people to be successful today, it helped reinforce our commitment to our members so you can provide fast, affordable broadband in the communities you serve.

We’re here to help you succeed, and we’re thankful you made the fall conference such a success. I’d also like to thank our sponsors again for their continued support!

Thank you, sponsors!

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