Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Posted: July 22, 2021

Association celebrates Tennessee 4-H Foundation partnership

Bailey Steger was the recipient of a $1,000 college scholarship presented by the TNBA.

If you pause for a moment to think about it, there’s a lot the Tennessee Broadband Association (TNBA) has in common with the Tennessee 4-H program.

Both organizations are focused on improving technology adoption and increasing access for residents in rural areas. And like many TNBA members, the Tennessee 4-H traces its roots back to the early 20th century.

That’s why the TNBA is proud to provide the $5,000 sponsorship of the computers and technology project for the 98th Tennessee 4-H Roundup and All Star Conference.

About Our Partnership

Founded in 1911, 4-H has seen its share of changes over the years, much like our members. But its mission to provide youth with opportunities to increase their leadership and citizenship skills remains unchanged.

“The 4-H Roundup competition is an opportunity to recognize young people who have excelled in their project area of choice,” says Ryan Hensley, executive director of Tennessee 4-H Foundation. “The experiences they gain hopefully leads them onto their career path. We’re really highlighting STEM in our 4-H programs and working to make sure young people are getting broad experiences with technology.”

More than 250 competitors in 26 different project areas converged on the University of Tennessee at Martin campus July 19 to 23, bringing together the best 4-H members from across the Volunteer State.

“As broadband becomes more and more pressing for our rural communities, we’re working to demonstrate how important technology is for future success and reminding people that rural communities are the heartbeat of our state,” says Justin Crowe, Tennessee 4-H program leader.

For the TNBA, our sponsorship is $5,000 well spent. We’re proud to continue our partnership with the Tennessee 4-H, and we look forward to the great work produced during the competition this year.