Education is Fueled by Broadband

Posted: August 24, 2020

As summer comes to a close and the COVID-19 health pandemic continues, some families are choosing for their students to attend class remotely through distance learning.

Many classrooms are meeting virtually through videoconferencing platforms. Students are accessing teachers, classmates, and assignments through email or programs designed for distance learning. They’re pouring over digital textbooks and turning in assignments electronically. For many, the entire school day is conducted online.

And, it’s fueled by broadband.

Internet access and technology have become vital components in today’s schools, but the recent health pandemic highlights the importance of access to a reliable, high-speed broadband connection. Students without access to broadband will struggle to keep up and excel. 

Michigan State University recently conducted a study of middle and high school students to determine the link between technology access and success in the classroom. The study showed that students without access to a high-speed internet connection typically have lower grades, lower standardized test scores, and are less likely to go to college.

The Tennessee Broadband Association and its members continue working to ensure our customers in rural areas have access to a fiber broadband network. Some have also installed free public Wi-Fi hot spots so students can access the online materials they need.

Broadband is now more important than ever, and every day our members rise to meet the challenge of increased demand. We have built thousands of miles of fiber, and we won’t stop until every person in rural Tennessee has access to this vital, life-changing technology. 

As the demand for broadband increases, we will rise to meet it and make sure students in our service areas have all the tools necessary for them to succeed.