Ben Lomand Connect Featured on “World’s Greatest” Television Program

Posted: June 1, 2020

Program celebrates ties to the community and dedication to leading-edge technology

Tennessee Broadband Association member Ben Lomand Connect was recently featured on a national television program highlighting some of the best companies, products, places and people in the world.

Ben Lomand Connect, headquartered in McMinnville, was featured in the program for their support of the community and for providing members with the very best in fiber broadband technology.

Lisa Cope, general manager and CEO of Ben Lomand, said being featured on the program is validation for all the hard work and dedication employees put into serving their community.

“We are honored to be selected as one of the worlds greatest broadband providers,” Cope said. “This is a true testament to the work that companies like us members of the Tennessee Broadband Association and NTCAThe Rural Broadband Association are doing around the country. We come to work every day with the mission of serving the unserved or critically underserved.  It truly is what we do.” 

A film crew spent several days with employees at Ben Lomands facilities and with customers to show viewers why Ben Lomand Connect was one of the best companies in the world in their category.

“We love to feature companies that not only serve their communities but also make a difference in those communities,” said Gordon Freeman, executive producer of the show. “For 65 years, that has been the case with Ben Lomand Connect in Middle Tennessee. They are not some nameless, faceless company; they are the ball coaches, church members and volunteer workers of the communities they serve. Standing in the forefront of offering their customers the latest and best in communications availability. We think their story will be meaningful as well as educational to our viewers.”

The program is produced by How2Media and aired on the ION Network. The segment can still be viewed on Ben Lomand’s social media pages including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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