Severe weather and a global pandemic

Posted: April 29, 2020

Members continue to shine during this difficult time

Levoy KnowlesOne of the things our members do best is respond during times of crisis. We know that our customers count on us to provide them with fast, reliable broadband, so our crews jump into action following any severe weather to restore their service as quickly as possible.

At no time has broadband been more essential to our customers than it is right now. Our customers rely on our service to work from home during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, and students require broadband as they attempt to keep up with schoolwork during the closures.

Even during a global pandemic, our customers expect us to provide them with service, and we work tirelessly and often around the clock to make sure that happens.

The dedication of those in this industry is clearly evident in our responses to the tornadoes last month that affected DTC Communications’ and Twin Lakes’ service areas. On March 3, a tornado cut a path more than 50 miles long through Davidson, Wilson and Smith counties, while a second tornado wreaked havoc in Putnam County near Cookeville. And on Easter Sunday, another tornado caused major damage near Chattanooga.

Weather doesn’t stop for a virus. And neither do we.

That is one thing 2020 is reminding us. No matter how much we isolate ourselves and remain quarantined, severe weather and tornadoes will continue to be a threat we must remain prepared for. And when severe weather happens, even during a global pandemic, we will respond.

That is one of the things we do best. The people in our service areas know they can count on us to be there in their time of need — to restore their service so they can enjoy the high-speed broadband they have come to count on in their daily lives.

Our members’ mission is to provide customers with the most reliable broadband service available and to respond quickly when outages occur. We will continue to focus on this mission, even during a global pandemic.

Thank you for everything you do, for your customers and for the state of Tennessee.