TNBA Promotes Rural Health

Posted: November 18, 2019

The Tennessee Broadband Association is sponsoring the Rural Health Association of Tennessee’s 25th Annual Conference and will have a booth at the event.

“We’re excited to be celebrating National Rural Health Day by attending this conference,” says Levoy Knowles, TNBA executive director. “It’s a great opportunity to meet rural health care professionals and share with them about our rural telehealth initiative.”

The purpose of the event is to educate participants about the health concerns affecting rural Tennessee. The TNBA is sponsoring the conference as part of its telehealth initiative and will promote the benefits of telemedicine for rural Tennessee and the way broadband is improving health care.

The conference is Nov. 20-22 at the Music Road Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge.

The conference is expected to attract a diverse audience including hospital administrators, public health professionals, school health officials, county executives, state legislators, other health professionals, rural business leaders, and rural residents as well as community leaders and policymakers.

The Rural Tennessee Telehealth Initiative is a partnership with Perry Health to leverage the more than 47,000 miles of fiber to improve the health of people living in rural Tennessee. Broadband helps health care providers manage electronic medical records and monitor patients remotely.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to communicate with health care providers and policymakers in the state about how broadband can help us deliver a new level of care to those living in rural Tennessee,” Knowles says. “Telehealth can improve access and reduce the cost of care while improving the health of our rural population.”

For more information about the conference, visit The Rural Health Organization of Tennessee.