TNBB sponsors 4-H project area at state Roundup

Posted: August 5, 2019

The Tennessee Broadband Association attended the 96th Annual Tennessee 4-H Roundup and All-Star Conference as the sponsor for the welcome and the Computers and Technology and Personal Development project areas.

“It was a great event and something we are really proud to be a part of,” said Levoy Knowles, Tennessee Broadband Association executive director. “4-H members from across the state are doing some really innovative things in the areas of computers and technology. It was great to be able to recognize them for all their work.”

Hundreds of 4-H students from across the state attended the event July 22-26 at the Rothchild Conference Center in Knoxville.

The 4-H organization is a youth development program that encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their unique skills and talents to their fullest potential. Young people participate in 4-H through clubs, special interest groups, after-school programs, camps and many other activities.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee spoke about the worthwhile organization at the Tennessee Broadband Association’s annual meeting on June 4.

“I was very involved in 4-H,” Gov. Lee said. “I went to Tennessee 4-H Roundup myself as a kid. We strengthened our funding for 4-H in our budget and for FFA because I do think youth development programs, especially around technical career paths and agricultural career paths, are all part of enhancing, in particular, the economies in our rural counties across Tennessee. It’s really important to me; it’s really important that you support these programs.”

The 4-H Roundup enables senior 4-H members to become better acquainted with their state university and career opportunities offered by the University of Tennessee and provides opportunities to become more familiar with new research-verified principles in agriculture, family and consumer sciences, and related fields. Members are recognized for their outstanding project work and leadership accomplishments.

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