TTA changes its name to Tennessee Broadband Association

Posted: June 3, 2019

The Tennessee Telecommunications Association’s identity evolved years ago. Its name is now catching up with those changes.

Now known as the Tennessee Broadband Association, the organization and its members will continue working hard to build world-class communication networks to the state’s most rural areas.

The association announced the name change at its annual meeting in Franklin on June 4.

“At any of our meetings, conventions or conference calls, its broadband, broadband, broadband that we are discussing,” says Levoy Knowles, executive director of the association. “It’s been that way for years, and I think our board made the right decision at the right time to put this flag in the ground and say we are the rural broadband experts in our state.”

Members of the Tennessee Broadband Association remain committed to the principles each company was founded on: growing their communities and improving quality of life through technology. And as the industry evolves, these cooperative and independent companies are more dedicated than ever to ensuring all Tennesseans experience the possibilities of a connected world.

By leveraging grant opportunities, exploring unique partnerships and investing heavily in game-changing networks, member companies are making sure all Tennesseans have an opportunity to flourish.

This is not the association’s first name change in its six decades of existence. Initially, TTA was founded as the Tennessee Telephone Association but changed to “Telecommunications” to reflect the diverse array of services offered by its members. Now, with the switch to Tennessee Broadband Association, the organization’s primary focus is woven right into its name.