A Chance For First Impressions With New Legislators

Posted: November 14, 2018

Every relationship we have, whether personal or professional, had to start somewhere. Whether it started on a first date, on the first day of a new job or right after moving to a new town, there was a point at which even our closest friends were new to us.

With about 30 new legislators heading to Nashville for the session in January, we find ourselves in that position with many lawmakers as we make our way into 2019.

TTA is well-known by many of our representatives and likely by many of the people who will be tapped for the new administration Gov. Bill Lee is building. However, we have plenty of work to do in making sure the new cabinet members and lawmakers understand TTA’s expertise in broadband and the investment our members have made in their service areas.

We’ve worked hard over the last six years to make sure that policymakers and elected officials are aware of the challenges of bringing broadband to rural Tennesseans. We’ve positioned TTA as the go-to authority on telecommunications for many members of the general assembly.

But with so many new faces taking office, many of them will not know TTA or our members. Our legislative team will work hard to make introductions and to educate the new lawmakers on our positions.

I encourage all TTA member companies to make an effort to reach out to any new legislators in your area. I’ll be happy to talk with you about setting initial meetings. We know the statehouse is primed for a busy session of new committee assignments and offices moving around the building. It would certainly be beneficial if TTA members can create opportunities to meet their new legislators in their home territories, before the organized chaos of the legislative session.

As with any relationship, it’s important to make a good first impression. The only way we can create that impression is to make sure these new officials know what TTA members mean for Tennessee.