Putting The Future In Focus

Posted: October 5, 2018

As I look over the agenda for our upcoming fall conference with KTA, I see a common theme. Many of the sessions focus on the future, which is where I’m sure many of the side conversations between attendees will also turn.

I’ve always enjoyed conferences as a chance to hear from experts about trends, data and strategies for forecasting and understanding our industry’s future. This year, we have several forward-looking topics, including video service, cybersecurity, customer loyalty and broadband competition.

But offstage, during our networking time, I’m also excited to hear TTA members discuss the future of their companies, technology and our ability to connect people across the two states represented.

At TTA, we’re proud to have members building out unprecedented amounts of fiber across the state. We’re proud to lead the way in obtaining funding to expand our service areas. And as you’ll read in this newsletter, we’re proud to have members seeking innovative partnerships to bring broadband to more rural Tennesseans.

The networking is always a highlight of any conference, but I expect this year, as we look forward to a changing landscape in 2019 and beyond, discussions amongst TTA members will be even more insightful than usual.

In Tennessee and Kentucky, broadband is the future, and our states’ futures are very bright. I’m pleased to be a part of the organization responsible for bringing that future to so many rural Tennesseans.