From The Executive Director – May 2017

Posted: May 23, 2017

Solving Tennessee’s Broadband Digital Divide

Levoy Knowles, TTA Executive Director

Part of what makes Tennessee a truly great state is its diversity. On one end of the state, we have some of the highest mountains in the Eastern U.S., and on the other side, we have the rich Mississippi Delta. We have thriving big cities and wonderful small towns. We have the Home of the Blues and the Mother Church of Country Music.

But while the geographic and cultural differences between regions of our state make us strong, the “digital divide” present in some areas of Tennessee is a major weakness for communities on the wrong side of that divide.
Some Tennesseans enjoy world-class broadband service, while residents in other pockets are completely unserved by a broadband provider.

At TTA, our goal is for every Tennessean to have access to a powerful, life-changing broadband connection. That’s why we’ve decided that the theme for this year’s TTA’s annual meeting and convention will be “Solving Tennessee’s Broadband Digital Divide.”

As always, I’m excited to see old friends, learn about the latest technology and strategies shaping our industry, and better get to know the new faces who have joined us. But I think this year, in the wake of the legislature passing the governor’s Broadband Accessibility Act, the sessions and networking time will center around bridging that digital divide. We are blessed to have many of brightest minds in telecom all under one roof at the conference. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the ideas and seeing what progress we can make toward leveling the online playing field across our great state. I hope you’ll join us. View the full conference agenda.