Landing Page Focuses on Rural Broadband Messaging

Posted: March 20, 2017

TTA has been working with strategic partners Cooley Public Strategies to generate media coverage of the association’s positions and promote its message among state lawmakers. As part of those efforts, the TTA is pushing a new landing page on its website to promote the story of rural broadband.

The landing page can be found at

“We support the governor’s call to cover unserved rural areas,” reads the landing page underneath the header “TTA members bridging the digital divide.”

Plans are to update the landing page with current messaging as bills that will alter laws governing broadband deployment move through the state legislature.

“We need our TTA members to share this landing page on their websites and social media channels,” says TTA Executive Director Levoy Knowles. “Let’s work together to get the word out that no one connects rural Tennesseans to high-speed broadband better than Tennessee’s local telecom companies. We are closing the broadband gap.”