From The Executive Director — December 2016

Posted: December 22, 2016

Happy holidays from TTA!

This past year has been another good year for our organization, and I am thankful for each and everyone of our members and associate members who helped make 2016 the year it was.

Each year, the holiday season is always busy with shopping, family travel and a full slate of parties and church events. But for TTA, an even busier time will kick off Jan. 10. As the voice representing our members at the state house, TTA will dive into the legislative session headfirst from January to April. Over the years we have stepped up our efforts to have more of a presence in Nashville during the session, and this year we’re going beyond what we’ve done before. For example:

  • In the last few months, TTA has worked with Cooley and Associates to place opinion pieces outlining our positions in key newspapers around the state.
  • We’re also working with Cooley to gain more media coverage highlighting telco customers who have benefited from the service our members provide.
  • TTA launched this newsletter this year with our partners at WordSouth in order to better communicate about issues with our members. Based on the tracking statistics and feedback, the newsletter is well-read and has been an important tool in keeping members informed.
  • Once again this year, TTA will be retaining the services of Capitol Strategies to help with our lobbying efforts during the session and beyond.
  • Though the date is still pending, TTA members will once again meet with key legislators in February to discuss our positions on various telco-related bills and issues.  

Based on the legislation I expect will be brought up, this is going to be a very important session for our industry. I’m happy to report that TTA is better prepared and equipped than we’ve ever been to meet those challenges.

Happy New Year!