Defend Your Network By Keeping Up To Date On Cyberattacks

Posted: December 22, 2016

As anyone who attended the Counter-Analytics cybersecurity panel during the KTA-TTA Joint Fall Conference knows, ISPs are the future of cybersecurity. It’s a similar message to what TTA members heard from the FBI’s Scott Augenbaum this summer in Franklin. Even small rural networks need to be protected, or there could be huge legal and commercial consequences.

A big part of limiting the damage a cyberattack can do to your network is knowing what it is and what it does as soon as possible. The FBI and other groups send out bulletins and advisories to keep network administrators up to date on the latest attacks. Many of the services have free email sign-ups or feeds available. Here is a sampling of ways to stay up to date:

Cyber Threat Bulletins Morning Cybersecurity, a daily briefing on politics and cybersecurity
Center for Internet Security MS-ISAC Cybersecurity Advisories Newsbites
National Cyber Awareness System