Marketing Topics From Conference Discussed On Podcast

Posted: July 1, 2016

Marketers had an opportunity to hear several good speakers at the recent TTA Annual Meeting held in Franklin, Tennessee. Some of the more popular sessions, however, were the Peer Group Roundtables that centered around various telco departments.

The Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Peer Group Roundtable Session was moderated by Julie Gogel of Telcom Insurance Group. For those who could not attend the conference, Julie recapped the discussion on StoryConnect: The Podcast. Listen in as Julie discusses drive-thrus, time and temperature lines, cross training and everything else that came up during the session.

Another engaging session was the CEO and General Manager Peer Group Roundtable. You may not be the manager, but you will still find their discussions quite relevant. Bruce Mottern of TDS facilitated the session and can be heard here with a recap on StoryConnect: The Podcast.

Social media is always a topic of interest for telco marketers. Missy Michaels, director of marketing and customer engagement with United Communications, shared some of her ups and downs with social media — particularly Twitter. Her interview can be heard here.

One of greatest challenges a telco marketer will ever face involves expanding into a new area to compete with other telecommunications providers. CEO Jonathan West of Twin Lakes talks about the five-year plan his cooperative worked through to expand into Cookeville, Tennessee. Click here for his interview.

For more interviews which may interest marketers as well, see this issue’s Telco Tech section.