From The Executive Director – Summer 2016

Posted: July 1, 2016
Levoy Knowles, TTA Executive Director

It’s always nice to get together with longtime friends, swapping stories and enjoying meals. This is part of what we look forward to each year at our annual meeting.

But there’s a bigger reason for coming together every June in Franklin. Our industry is going through an unprecedented era of change. Some rules that have applied for decades no longer do, and other rules that were seemingly just put in place are already obsolete.

The best way I know of to combat the shifts in our industry is to get what I believe are some of the best minds in our industry together to talk about those shifts. Through this year’s conference sessions, we gained insight from experts about how we can overcome some of the hurdles that lie before us. Through our networking time on the golf course or during the receptions, many of those longtime friends I mentioned shared with me their concerns, challenges and successes.

This year, I think we had even more idea sharing through our breakout sessions. Thank you to our discussion leaders and to all who participated. It was very valuable to sit down with our peers and discuss what’s working and what’s not. Based on the responses I’ve heard from those sessions, I believe you can count on seeing those again next year.

TTA has always been a group where we can come together and share our knowledge of whatever opportunities or challenges that are facing our industry. As we move forward, I firmly believe the TTA and our time together at these meetings will become increasingly more important in order for all of us to thrive in the new telecom landscape.

As your Executive Director, I sincerely appreciate your support and attendance at the conference. I look forward to seeing you this fall in Bowling Green at the joint KTA/TTA meeting and again next June in Franklin.